Monday August 8, 2016 comments

Bookkeeping -Your Books Your Time


Often times it is difficult for the business owner to keep up with all of the financial information that involves their business.  It is overwhelming and time consuming.  Then we ask the question of ourselves, ‘Is this really an important document?”


As you review all those documents here are some tips to remember:


  • Plan for major expenses

  • Do not miss a business opportunity because your financial documents were not in good order. 

  • Be ready if you need a loan at the last minute

  • Track Expenses

  • Do not miss any eligible write-offs

  • Record deposits accurately

  • Double check every deposit

  • Reconcile Bank Accounts each month to verify accuracy

  • Set aside money to pay taxes

  • Avoid paying penalties and interest to the IRS

  • Keep a close eye on your invoices

  • Late or unpaid bills cost more than paying on time

  • Maintain good relationships with your vendors

Overwhelmed?  Secure Accounting Solutions was created to assist business owners to place their focus back on their business, generating revenue.  We help business owners everyday to stay on track with all of their book keeping needs so that they may do what they truly love; creating revenue and resources to help their business grow.


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