Did You Know Gratitude Relieves Stress?

Monday November 9, 2015 comments

Around this time of the year - there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. Whether it is finishing year-end projects, preparing for the holidays, traveling, hosting family & friends, or planning for next year - we all can get lost in our daily small tasks, become stressed, and forget to take breaks to look the big picture.

Did you know that the brain only functions in one of the two main emotions? Either love or fear. When we get stressed, we are in the fear state and our brain releases the stress hormone "cortisol". But when we feel gratitude, it switches our mind out of the fear state and into the love state and releases the anti-stress hormone "oxytocin" which lowers blood pressure. Here are some great ways to keep the oxytocin up and the cotrisol down this Holiday Season:

1. Wake Up & Count Your Blessings. What better way to start a possibly chaotic day than to think about all the things you are thankful for.

2. Who helped you get to where you are today? Choose a couple mornings this month and write handwritten thank you notes to colleagues, co-workers, family, friends, teachers, and mentors. Let them know you are thankful and thinking of them!

3. Touch base with old relationships. What better month than November to rekindle a personal or business relationship? It is easy these days with all the different ways to reach out to others-- both near and far. Try a letter, phone call, text, email, Facebook or LinkedIn message. 


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