Monday December 7, 2015 comments

Received a letter from the IRS? Its okay, breathe.


There are certain things in life that we simply cannot ignore although we may want to - taxes, the dentist, the list could go on and on. For our purposes today, the of those things in life is a letter from the IRS.  

Of course, it is easy to assume the worst, but there is a high possibility that it is something harmless.  The important thing therefore is to be always prepared and know how to respond to the letter.

Read Through It

It can be easy to be overcome by fear just by thinking of those three simple letter; IRS.  Relax, calmly open the letter and read through it completely.  This will help you understand the purpose of the letter.  If necessary, read it a couple of times.  Once everything is clear to you, make your next move.

Make the Call

It is important to call that number on the IRS letter to give you a chance to clarify the situation.  This is also an opportunity to ask vital questions as well as possibly seek some advice.  A knowledgeable IRS representative can easily put things in perspective.  Make sure though that you avoid busy hours like early morning and lunch time.  A hands-free unit would be extremely valuable at this time to allow you to simultaneously talk and go through your documents.

Contact Laura

Laura can provide you with accurate steps on how to respond and act on the IRS letter.  Immediately give her a copy of the letter so that she can discuss with you the issue thoroughly. 

Browse your Records

This is where being meticulous with keeping records of tax payments pay off immensely.  Keeping good records not only gives you ample leverage to respond to any IRS letter, but it also allows you to meet deadlines consistently. If you have Secure Accounting Solutions doing your bookkeeping, your records are organized therefore providing quick access to the needed information. 



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